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Community Announcement: COVID-19 Case Chicago Vaccine Booster Event Dec. 17, 2021


Maraming salamat to everyone who attended the St. Padre Pio Vaccine Booster Event on December 17, 2021. The IDPH clinic vaccinated over 70 community members and gave 200+ safety kits during Simbang Gabi!

Unfortunately, one attendee who got a booster at the event on 12/17/21 was tested for COVID-19 on 12/18/21 and was COVID-19 positive. The attendee had a mild cough and no other symptoms. They did not attend the Simbang Gabi following the vaccination event. The only close contacts at the event (>15 minutes within 6 feet) was with the vaccination nurse and another parishioner who did not attend mass.


This case was reported to the Archdiocese of Chicago COVID team and the Chicago Department of Public Health COVID-19 Hotline who will conduct contact tracing for anyone involved.


For the safety of yourselves and our community, we highly recommend those present who have symptoms or concerns about exposure get COVID-19 testing and answer the call from the health department contact tracer if called.

If symptomatic please get tested and make an appointment with your primary care clinician or an urgent care provider.


Answer the Call from your Contact Tracer!

Chicago DPH Contact Tracing Hotline - 312-74-COVID


Cook County DPH Contact Tracing Hotline - IL COVID HELP (312)-777-1999


The phone call you receive will come from the department of public health. You can also call back to this number to verify it is a public health contact tracer.


Corps contact tracers will never ask for money, social security number, bank account information, salary information, or credit card numbers.


Chicago Department of Public Health COVID Hotline - 312-746-4835

This article was written and edited by the Tayo editorial desk and has been reviewed by an independent panel of subject matter experts.

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