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Filipino Young Leaders Program announces call for 2nd Cohort of Tayo Fellowship Program


Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) is excited to announce the launch of its Summer 2021 Tayo Fellowship Program to provide assistance and support for our Filipino communities negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, both in the US and in the Philippines.

Contact: Krystle Canare

A year ago, the FYLPRO COVID-19 Task Force was formed to respond to the growing needs of Filipino and Filipino Americans during the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertain of how to provide support at the time, the Task Force answered the call to serve in any way possible. From information sharing, raising funds, sending PPE and care packages, holding support Zooms, and writing grants, the Task Force coordinated various modes of support.

On October 2020, the Task Force launched a web help desk, “Tayo” designed for seniors, unemployed individuals, and front line workers with information to make decisions to safeguard their health and well being during the pandemic.  Firmly believing that we are the agents of change, and the custodians of our own community, FYLPRO COVID-19 Task Force mobilized experts, content creators, and service providers in the areas of medicine and medical research, mental health, government assistance and response, transportation, and social services to provide credible, timely, and community-specific information.

Now, FYLPRO COVID-19 Task Force is seeking its second cohort of fellows to support the ongoing operations of the Tayo help desk platform. The fellowship  is a remote, unpaid program and will run from June 20 – August 29, 2021.

On a weekly basis, Tayo Fellows will:

  • Identify credible sources of information such as policy think tanks, government agencies, professional and industry associations, business associations, and social service providers.
  • Attend and participate in information sessions, webinars, and briefings to gather relevant information and updates and summarize the findings;
  • Proactively track developments in the subject area for which you are responsible
  • Write short and long form content weekly
  • Attend a weekly coordination meeting (Sundays at 5:00pm ET), bi-weekly 1:1 meetings, and monthly leadership development sessions.


Fellowship Director Krystle Canare explains, “The goal of the Fellowship program is to provide a space for community, a space for healing, a space for sharing knowledge, resources, stories, and inspiration with one another as we tackle one of the greatest global pandemics of our lifetime. We want fellows to take ownership of this space, to challenge themselves through different projects and campaigns, and to build strong ties to the community centered and adaptive work we do within the FYLPRO COVID-19 Taskforce.”

In the Fall of 2020, FYLPRO Fellows collectively engaged in the following projects:

  • Researched and authored over 500+ articles on website
  • Developed assets and executed social media campaigns on Tayo’s multiple platforms
  • Produced a range of short to long-form culturally-relevant videos
  • Conducted environmental scan of Filipino American organizations and initiatives in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • Conducted interviews to identify needs of Filipino Americans during COVID-19
  • Produced interactive community event, “Together sa Tayo” to bring together Filipino Americans during COVID-19
  • Presented at National Council on Mental Wellbeing’s Annual Conference
  • Supported Tayo COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Design & Dissemination Efforts
  • Participated in leadership sessions with FYLPRO alumni, discussing topics such as:
  • Combating Misinformation with Leezel Tanglao
  • Self-Care is Community Care with Krystle Canare & TJ Simba-Medel
  • Navigating the Workplace as a Pinay with Anna Marie Cruz, Lauren Lalicon, Ryann Tanap, Jessica Velasco
  • Graduate School: The Decision, Application & Lessons Learned with Melissa Dargan, Brian Tajo, Christal Simanski, Earl Valencia
  • Leveraging Your Community Experience in the Job-Search Process with Frederick Docdocil, and Philjay Solar

Applications are due Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

Selection notifications will be sent via e-mail the week of June 14th.

Apply here:

For any further questions, please feel free to contact  Krystle Canare at

About Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO)

The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of high-performing, next-generation leaders that have a passion for advancing the Philippines and the Filipino people.

FYLPRO was established in 2012 by the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC in cooperation with the Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) to annually identify outstanding young professionals in the Filipino communities across the United States and provide the delegates with invaluable community, business, and government insights and access to distinguished network captains of industry and government.

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