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I tested positive for COVID-19. How can I protect others from getting infected?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you can help prevent the disease from spreading further, especially among your household members and your community.

Once you have confirmed that you are COVID-19 positive, it is of utmost importance that you separate yourself from everyone else in your home. You must self-isolate in a room where you can stay for the duration of your quarantine.

If there is no space for you to self-isolate and you live with other people, set up your room so that you can stay 6 feet apart from everyone else.

Household members who are 65 and older or have underlying medical conditions should stay as far away as possible, because they are at higher risk of serious illness if they catch COVID-19.

Good ventilation is key to protecting others from getting infected with COVID-19. Open windows and use a fan or air conditioner in shared spaces inside your home.

Do not let other people visit you at home while you are in self-isolation. Avoid handling pets or other animals, because other household members can catch COVID-19 from droplets of your body fluids that stick to your petsā€™ skin or fur.

Anyone who stays in close contact with you must also stay in quarantine, especially if they are taking care of you from a distance of less than 6 feet.

When you are around other people, you must wear personal protective equipment such as face masks or cloth face covering.

Follow the steps below to help prevent the disease from spreading to others in your home and your community.

If you are having trouble breathing, unable to remove your face covering without assistance from others, or have been advised by your doctor not to wear a mask, do not use a face mask and self-isolate.

If you are unable to wear a face mask or cloth face covering, other people in your household should not be in the same room with you at any given time.

If they need to enter your room to attend to your needs, such as bringing you food or medical supplies, they should wear personal protective equipment like face masks and face shields. After leaving your room, they should properly remove and dispose of their protective equipment and immediately wash and disinfect their hands.

Source: LA Public Health

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