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Why sharing our experiences and data disaggregation is important

It's never been more important to surface the experiences of underrepresented communities especially during COVID19.

You never know how one's own experience can impact someone else.

On March 11, 2021, during the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Health Summit on Data Disaggregation, Dr.  Catherine Ceniza Choy, UC Berkeley  Ethnic  Studies professor and author of "Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History," shared the importance of not only advocating for disaggregating data but sharing our stories.

In response to a question about community stories at -49:40 of the video, I shared my own experience of talking w/ my Fil Am mom about her concerns of getting vaccinated and how sharing helpful @tayohelp videos with her helped :)March 11, 2021

You watch the video from the panel here and where she mentions Tayo's video on getting vaccinated in Los Angeles.

You can see part 2 of Tayo's video on getting vaccinated in Los Angeles here.

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