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Do I need to get the COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate for my business in LA County to reopen?

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LA Public Health) offers a COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate program for Los Angeles County businesses currently permitted to operate to voluntarily self-certify that they are fully implementing the required COVID-19 Protocols.

This process aims to help business owners follow the required Protocols and maintain their operations in the safest way possible for their staff, customers, and visitors.

The COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate is not required, but it is recommended.

It is a way for you as a business owner to show and assure the public that you are conducting your business in a way that prioritizes everyone’s safety by complying to specific required Protocols.

Should you opt not to get the Compliance Certificate, you will simply need to post the required Protocols at all public entrances to the facility as required by the County Reopening Safer at Work Health Officer Order.

To limit the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace and community, the public, all business owners, and community organizations, must work together in order to support the modified operations of businesses and public spaces to make them as safe as possible during this pandemic.

For more information on how to obtain the COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate, you may go to: LA Public Health

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