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How can I create meaningful connections while sheltering in place?

Whoever coined the term social distancing should have called it physical distancing, because while we are trying to contain the spread of COVID-19 we should still be able to create meaningful connections with our loved ones.

We are fortunate to live in a time when we can simply pick up our mobile devices and get warm, comforting social support by text, phone call, and video call. You can reach your relatives across the ocean at the same time as you can reach out to your next door neighbor. Take time to share your experiences and feelings with your loved ones, and listen and help them process their own experiences and feelings.

Confiding in people you love and trust creates a feeling of safety and comfort at a time of uncertainty. You can talk to someone, and you can do a lot of other things virtually as well. Some people have started book clubs, Zumba and videoke sessions, and even play games with each other online. You can host a regular community event, or find one to join related to your hobby. The possibilities for connectedness is unlimited. Having access to the internet and social media during COVID-19 is a means of staying emotionally resilient for a lot of people.

However, it is recommended to take healthy breaks and monitor your media exposure, because you can actually increase stress and exhaustion from excessive amounts of time on social media. You are also risking exposure to unreliable sources, which will create feelings of anxiety and fear.

Source: UCSF

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