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How can I maintain my child's immunization schedule during COVID-19?

While there are cases of COVID-19, immunizations and regular visits to your child’s healthcare provider are essential especially for children younger than two years old, so that you can ensure their health and safety.

Immunizations are given to protect children from serious and life-threatening diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and flu. Visit a health care provider regularly to catch up with the immunizations that your children need. Children should also get an annual flu vaccine. For information on what kinds of immunization your children need at their age, you may go to CDC vaccine schedules here.

If you are worried about taking your children to the doctor during COVID-19, know that this is a normal concern for anybody who needs medical care. Healthcare facilities, including clinics and pharmacies, are taking steps to ensure your safety as you seek medical care and treatment.

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It is important for you to call your child’s health care provider ahead of your visit so they can prepare you for a safe visit. You must wear acceptable types of face covering when entering a healthcare facility such as a doctor’s office, clinic, or pharmacy, for your child’s visit.

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Some people are exempted from wearing a face mask or other acceptable type of face covering:

  • children under the age of 2
  • anyone who has trouble breathing
  • anyone who can’t remove a face covering on their own
  • those who have been instructed by their medical provider not to wear one

Keep in mind that if your children are between the ages of 2 and 8, they should only wear masks when supervised.

Source: LA Public Health

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