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I am a pet owner. What do I need to know about caring for pets during COVID-19?

According to LA Public Health, there have been a handful of reports that domesticated animals have tested positive for COVID-19, mostly after close contact with people who have contracted COVID-19. The virus can spread from people to animals in some situations.

However, it is important to note that there have not been reports of humans or pet owners contracting COVID-19 from their pets. At this time, there is no evidence that pets, including dogs and cats, can spread COVID-19 to humans.

With this, LA Public Health encourages practicing frequent handwashing before and after handling your pets. If you are feeling sick, avoid contact with your pets along with other household members while isolating and monitoring your symptoms. If possible, assign another household member or trusted friend or family to care for your pet while you are sick.

In the meantime, avoid petting or kissing pets because they might spread your droplets containing the COVID-19 virus to other household members.

If you have a dog and you are feeling sick, do not walk your dog yourself. Ask someone to do it for you. Isolate and monitor your symptoms for COVID-19 such that you don’t infect people even before you confirm that you may have COVID-19.

Work with your pets’ veterinarian on how to conduct visits in a safe way. Call them in advance to see whether your concern requires taking your pets to the veterinarian in person. If you are feeling sick, you must declare it and try to find someone else to take your pets to the veterinarian.

For more guidance, go to: LA Public Health

This article was written and edited by the Tayo editorial desk and has been reviewed by an independent panel of subject matter experts.

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