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Mental Health and Wellness

I am undocumented without health insurance. How can I access mental health services?

*This article was last updated on April 17, 2024

Mental illness is a serious problem. Getting through it is not as simple as a friend telling you to "just get over it," "try to think positive," "do some exercise," or "don't take yourself so seriously."  It can be difficult to tell yourself to ask for help, but help is out there, and all you have to do is ask for it.

If you or someone you know is in crisis right now and needs immediate help, call 911.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed with stress and/or you have thoughts to harm yourself or other people, call the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health 24/7 Access Center Helpline at 800-854-7771, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Disaster Distress Helpline at 800-985-5990, or text "LA" to 741741 to message a Crisis Text Line counselor.

Below are several organizations that offer valuable starting points for finding mental health support within the Filipino American community. Additionally, reaching out to local Filipino community organizations or mental health providers may help you access further assistance and resources.

  • Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA)’s mental health program includes psychosocial assessments, in-home outreach counseling, community linkages, mental health First Aid trainings, and educational presentations.
  • The Filipino American Service Group, Inc (FASGI) offers services to connect you with a mental health professional. Call FASGI at 213-908-5050.
  • Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers (APCTC) offers mental health services to adults, children, and youth.
  • Immigrants Rising’s Mental Health Connector offers undocumented youth with psychological support.
  • Headspace and the LA County Department of Mental Health have partnered to provide support and resources during this challenging time by offering access meditations, sleep and movement exercises. All free are through 2020.
  • Filipino Mental Health Initiative (FMHI): The mission of the Filipino Mental Health Initiative is to improve the well-being of Filipinos in San Mateo County by reducing the stigma of mental health, increasing access to services, and further empowering the community through outreach and engagement. FMHI strive's to connect individuals to appropriate health, mental health and social services, and ensure culturally appropriate services through provider collaboration.
  • Kalusugan + Kalakasan (Health + Strength): Kalusugan + Kalakasan is a mental health program offered by the Filipino Workers Center (FWC) in Los Angeles. They provide counseling, support groups, and workshops focused on addressing the mental health needs of Filipino immigrants and their families.
  • Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS): FANHS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Filipino American history and culture. While not specifically a mental health organization, they do offer educational resources and events that address mental health within the Filipino American community.
  • Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) USA: PMHA USA is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting mental health and well-being among the general population, prevent mental disorders, eradicate stigma, and inspire individuals to become mental health advocates. They provide educational materials, advocacy efforts, and referrals to mental health services.
  • The Filipino Mental Health Initiative of San Francisco:  The Filipino Mental Health Initiative of San Francisco strives to reduce stigma, prmoote awareness and increase access to culturally appropriate wellness services and the effectiveness of the behavioral health services in the San Francisco area.
  • Mental Health Apps: While not specific to the Filipino American community, there are mental health apps available that offer culturally sensitive content and resources. Examples include Pacifica, which offers mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools, and Sanvello, which provides support for stress, anxiety, and depression.
This article was written and edited by the Tayo editorial desk and has been reviewed by an independent panel of subject matter experts.

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