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I need to fly to the Philippines. Will this increase my chances of getting COVID-19?

UPDATED as of January 1, 2021:

Per the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) of the Philippines:

The United States is among countries subject to Travel Restrictions and Information for Passengers Transiting Concerned Areas. This is based on the Malacañang Palace Memorandum issued on December 29, 2020 on the regulation of entry for travelers from or transiting through areas that have reported incidence of the new COVID-19 variant. Read more:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend avoiding non-essential international travel, especially to high-risk destinations.

As of Oct. 13, 2020, CDC declares the Philippines a high-risk destination (see: CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination).

Air travel may make you vulnerable to COVID-19 because you will be spending time in security lines and airport terminals, where you may not be able to maintain social distancing or come in close contact with people who may have COVID-19.

Studies have shown that most viruses and germs do not easily spread on flights due to the air circulation and filtration on airplanes. However, if you are scheduled on a crowded flight and may not be able to maintain social distancing for hours, this can increase your risk for exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Source: CDC

This article was written and edited by the Tayo editorial desk and has been reviewed by an independent panel of subject matter experts.

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