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What activities for self-care can I do to cope with COVID-19?

We may be living in extraordinary times of uncertainty and stress, which makes little acts of self-care even more necessary to help us maintain our physical health, decrease stress, increase relaxation and resilience, and deal with challenging emotional situations. Here are some self-care methods that you may try out during these times:

  • Maintain a healthy routine of eating, rest, and fitness. If you have had to adjust to studying or working from home, it may have been a challenge to manage your time while performing your different roles in the same place.
  • This means that you have to be more proactive in time management, especially with setting aside time in the day for routine tasks that are essential to stay healthy and resilient during this time.
  • Try techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. Learning how to relax and let go of distressing thoughts and emotions is a necessary skill, and it is something that could be learned by trying different methods that will work for you. Some people like guided meditation, yoga, and massage.
  • When things especially look grim and it is easy to succumb to thoughts of dread or despair, it is more important than ever to stay in the moment, to be grateful of what we have and what we are able to do during this time.
  • It's important to keep in mind what's in and out of our control. We can't necessarily change the circumstances we are in, but we do have control of how we respond and cope with these difficult situations.
  • Reach out to trusted friends and family to share your experiences and feelings. For those of us who live alone, it may be a more difficult time to be away from the warmth of intimacy with our loved ones. Schedule a time for regular check-ins with people you trust and love, and whose life and words inspire you to keep going. It makes a world of difference when you know that you are not going through this alone.
  • If it gets difficult to handle on your own, know that you can seek help and support from your local professionals such as going to your primary healthcare provider for a full check-up, therapists or counselors for mental health, nutritionist/dietitians, and so on. They can provide you with healthy ways of coping and support based on your medical history.

For more resources on self-care, go to: LA County Department of Mental Health, University at Buffalo School of Social Work

This article was written and edited by the Tayo editorial desk and has been reviewed by an independent panel of subject matter experts.

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